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Interior doors are an integral component of any interior space, - be it an office or a residential room, - highlighting the interior design trending. The state-of-the-art technology allows to offer a most versatile variety of products to the customer.

Interior doors are among the most important items of the interior design, which are the first to catch one’s eye in the room.

They should serve the two basic purposes:

  • Aesthetical: - to complement naturally and harmoniously the general concept of the interior design while conforming to the style and color requirements.
  • Practical: - to ensure separation of the adjacent habitable and uninhabitable areas of the premises, to enhance noise and heat insulation while creating most comfortable conditions.

We are happy to offer you products of different price brackets. In our store, along with common standard products, one can buy items with unusual design solutions, as well as exclusive high-end models, - with a warranty covering the entire line of products.

Interior connecting doors is one of the key business lines of our company. We offer a wide variety of color solutions and finishing material options. This gives a customer a perfect opportunity to select proper goods. Our company’s specialists and consultants are always glad to advise and assist you in electing the right door which will fit into your particular interior.

In such a way it is much easier and simpler to purchase a connecting door with our help.

In our store you will find the following:

  • Highly professional and friendly consultants who will help you to make your choice of a connecting door matching the interior environment of your home;
  • A large variety of door models ideally combining exquisite style and guaranteed quality.
  • Comprehensive information support: catalogues, samples, as well as an opportunity to see in our store live product models presented in the catalogue.

We offer top quality interior connecting doors from ProfilDoors company. You get a rich choice, guaranteed quality and most affordable prices for the connecting doors.

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